RLW Homes is a premier builder of luxury custom homes and remodeling services in the half to three million dollar plus range.  For more than twenty years, we have been bringing our customers’ visions of a dream home to life with distinctive and unique home designs spanning from contemporary to traditional.  In 2008 we pioneered a revolutionary 3D modeling technology, which we believe is the future of high end custom construction.  Headquartered in Gainesville, Georgia, RLW Homes has repeatedly been recognized across the Southeast as a leader in the building industry due to our innovative and professional approach to the building process.

Our building process is distinguished by our unparalleled 5D System that includes 3D Modeling coupled with two more dimensions that are critical, detailed estimating and time scheduling. Our unique system takes out the margin of error when transferring your intangible vision of the perfect custom home into a tangible reality.  Our 3D Model software virtually builds your home on the computer … block by block, board by board. 
​Imagine, you can “SEE,” walk through, experience, and adjust your one-of-a-kind home before it actual exists! 


R.L. Wagner Custom Homes is a team of skilled accomplished professionals focused on revolutionizing the way custom home builders work in the 21st century.

We constantly educate our team in the latest that technology, products and services have to offer in order to ensure the greatest and most cutting-edge service in custom home planning and construction. We have pioneered the 3D design process in the residential industry and implemented the very best  in communication technologies, simultaneously researching the many new options that arise in the ever evolving world of technology to continually improve our efficiency, effectiveness and the quality of our process and end product.

RLW Homes offers an impressive full service, in-house design studio called RLW Design that assists our clients with creating their own unique dream homes.  Every design starts as a fully functional 3D virtual model of your future home, resulting in a much more insightful experience than a drafting board and paper set of drawings.​